Entrepreneur Center

Your One-Stop Center for Business incubation, Growth, and Innovation.

At Canadian Imperial Advantage Entrepreneur Center (CIAEC), we offer:

  • Access to capital
  • Business advisory support
  • Start-up suite
  • Business management and stability
  • Financial management
  • Operational efficiency
  • Incubator and accelerator programs
  • Mentorship and guidance in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Training
  • Virtual office services

Key Functions

The key functions of CIAEC are as follows:

  • Help build capabilities of entrepreneurs
  • Address the knowledge gap and skill shortcomings that hamper the growth of infant entrepreneurs from growing their businesses and running them effectively
  • Promoting the idea of entrepreneurship in Edmonton with special focus on the underserved population
  • Adopt better ways to accelerate business growth
  • Increase the chance of business survival
  • Help business cut cost through strategic planning

Do you want to start or grow your business?

CIAEC is a center that fosters entrepreneurship and nurtures business talents through support, education, and guidance. Whether you are a new or experienced entrepreneur, we can help you achieve your business goals with our practical and customized solutions.

Our Business Financial Consultants are not only experts in business finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship, but also mentors who can guide you through the challenges and opportunities of starting and growing your own business. They have decades of experience in various industries and sectors, and they are ready to share their insights and strategies with you.

Our Goal

  • Be the forefront for entrepreneurs in Canada
  • Provide support services to  entrepreneurs in terms of business decision making
  • Make it possible for newcomers to set up a new business in Canada
  • Establish programs, training, webinars, and services to support skilled immigrants
  • Help entrepreneurs understand Canadian business practices and improve their business skills
  • We also provide free consultation with a business advisory support specialist
Do you need help growing your business?
Mentoring/Networking Development

We have mentors (entrepreneurs) who offer valuable guidance and encouragement; they are available to make sure you get the necessary support for your business.

  • They inspire new entrepreneurs to build confidence.
  • They are available, on an appointment, to discuss your business plans with you.
  • They will help you develop your business networks and provide routes to market your products and services.
  • CIA hosts monthly business networking events.
Consulting Services
  • We will help your business increase revenue and overcome obstacles through general mentoring services and long–term strategy.
  • We help small businesses plan their finances, marketing, and develop growth strategies.
  • We run monthly classes for entrepreneurs.
  • We help small businesses with financial services such as payroll, cashflow, purchase orders, accounting, and insurance.
  • We help companies source external funding: credit lines, credit cards, microcredit, commercial mortgage, loans and capital leases, suppliers’ credit.
  • We provide your business with information about legal matters, industry best practices, common market trends, and pitfalls among other things.
  • We will help you look over your business plan to make sure it is practical.
  • We help entrepreneurs identify problems in their business before they arise.
  • We offer recurrent business advice sessions to small business owners.