Black Business Advancement Project

Advancing Black Canadians in Business

Many businesses struggle due to a lack of capital access, some get turned down when they approach institutions for loans and credits. At Canadian Imperial Advantage, we have created an ecosystem to help black entrepreneurs and business owners gain access to capital so they can stay open to meet their customer needs.

  • Canadian Imperial Advantage has the solution for businesses seeking funding.
  • Canadian imperial Advantage can fit your business with the right financing.

What are you waiting for?

Black Business Ecosystem

We offer mentoring, networking, financial planning, and business training to black entrepreneurs.

  • CIA has created a platform for black-owned businesses to interact and form partnerships,
  • Connecting black entrepreneurs and business owners with experts, networks, and resources.
  • Set up formal mechanisms that connect prominent entrepreneurs of Black and diverse backgrounds with emerging black entrepreneurs and business owners and engaging them as mentors.
  • Support businesses to achieve profitable revenue- supporting the growth of black entrepreneurs and black-owned businesses.
  • Address challenges black-owned businesses face.
  • Increase funding opportunities for black-owned businesses–increase access to Venture Capital.
  • Empowering black Canadians to innovate, problem-solve, and engage in innovative, entrepreneurial, and business activities.
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