Youth Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program (YEMP)

Program Overview

Youth Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program (YEMP) – For youths; budding entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 – 35 years old interested in starting a business or learning the basics of entrepreneurship. The training will benefit all participants; it will open doors.


The goal of the training program is to encourage youths to get involved in entrepreneurship, accelerate learning, enhance entrepreneurial competencies among the youth and help them avoid costly mistakes. we have a library of resources that address the challenges entrepreneurs face on their journey to the marketplace.

Program Highlights 

  • The curriculum covers basic entrepreneurial subjects and skills: problem solving, financial literacy and planning, sales, marketing, product to market strategies 
  • During the training, participants will get opportunity to connect with local entrepreneurs, mentors, funding sources and gain access to other business resources during this training. 
  • During the first part of the program (6 weeks), trainees will be introduced to the basics of entrepreneurship in Canada.   
  • During the second part (remaining 6 weeks), trainees will be paired with mentors (business owner) to gain on – the – job training and develop their network in the community.   
  • Volunteering opportunities will be available at the end of the program.                   

Through this training, the understanding of how to start and run a successful business will be prioritized because we are aware that participants will not have all the knowledge and skills required to run a business successfully when they first register for the program. 

Program Length

This is a 12 week long empowerment program designed to train youths about entrepreneurship.

Program runs from June 27, 2022 to August 16, 2022.

Program Delivery:

Youth Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program (YEMP) will be delivered via interactive presentations, and class activities led by seasoned entrepreneurs and instructors.

Who Qualifies to Apply?

Individuals between the age of 15-35 years old with genuine interest in entrepreneurship.

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