HER-conomy Initiative Program (Connect, Enpower, Lead)
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Program Overview

HER-conomy is an 8-week program that is set to build an inclusive world without borders for women in Alberta and Western Canada through capacity-building training in leadership support and social empowerment for women entrepreneurs, leaders, and advocates.

The program provides an empowering community where women with different, backgrounds, life experiences and demographics connect and thrive with fair advantages while strengthening each other to become great leaders.

HER-conomy Initiative Program is developed to bridge communication and upskill the Albertan women community for equitable economic opportunities.

Program Highlights

  • 8-week capacity building workshop in Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Leadership, and Digital Literacy
  • Great Networking and Business Advisory Support
  • 2-week practical field experience at female-led organisations, including the application of acquired digital literacy skills for business growth
  • Real-time On-Job Training, Business Coaching and Mentorship by successful female entrepreneurs and women in politics
  • Insightful tips on Digital Literacy i.e., Building your brand online with social media marketing and SEO tools
  • Grant opportunities for participants to win cash prizes and value-accretive investments
  • Policy dialogues and women advocacy workshops for advancing the cause of women in leadership, media, politics and gender equality
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Starting a business can be challenging and there are many demands on you which can impact how to launch and run the business. Our entrepreneurship program is designed to support you through the process, by providing trainings and services to help you run a successful business.

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The empowerment program is designed to connect you with resources and training that would help you achieve your professional, business, self-care, financial and time management goals.


Are you looking to enhance your leadership skills? Do you want to know how to lead in successfully in tough times? This program is designed with the resources and support necessary to help you be an efficient leader

Program Length

HER-conomy Initiative Program is an 8-week program developed to foster communication and upskill the Western Canadian women workforce, and create a world with fair advantages and equitable economic opportunities.

Program Delivery

HER-conomy will be delivered via interactive presentations, and class activities led by seasoned entrepreneurs and instructors. Virtual and In-person

Who Qualifies to Apply?

You are eligible to apply if you:
  • Identify as a woman.

  • Need access to capital/funding.
  • Require coaching and mentoring for career advancement and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Want to join other women in building an ecosystem with great economic advantages.
  • Want to impact the women workforce and blaze the trail in your chosen niche.
  • Need upskilling to boost employability.
  • Need motivation from the women fellowship to achieve your goals.

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