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Whether you are looking to register your business in Alberta, Canada or secure a virtual office space, you have come to the right place. At Canadian Imperial Advantage, we are able to help you incorporate or register your business in Canada and so much more. In addition, Canadian Imperial Advantage can give your company the credibility of a professional business address without the high cost of a long-term lease.

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Virtual Business Address & Office Features

Canadian Imperial Advantage, is a leading  provider of virtual business address & office solutions in Western Canada. Some benefits of using our virtual office includes, a business address, a phone number, mail receiving & forwarding services, receptionist services, access to world class meeting spaces, and a wide variety of cutting-edge business services. A virtual business address gives you the opportunity to separate your home address and business address.

Sign up for a Canadian Imperial Advantage virtual business address and give your business a professional business image for your investors and clients. You can also use your business address for websites, business cards, etc.

Do you have multiple business locations, staff that operate globally, or are trying to attract international clients from different areas? At a virtual business address, you can receive all your corporate correspondences.

A local phone number, is another great way to establish a presence for your business. We can provide you with a local phone number for your business, while you have your calls forwarded to any phone at a discounted rate.

Along with this service is an option for administrative support (receiving your calls).

Whether you need to establish an LLC, Corporation, Nonprofit or any other entity type, Canadian Imperial Advantage is able to help you facilitate the process quickly in every Canadian  province. The entity type determines how your new business will operate, how you make decisions, file taxes and which documents you must file at the state.

Irrespective  of the entity type you choose, you’ll be working to protect yourself and your assets, and taking the next step for  your business.

We understand that for a small business or a start-up, it can be challenging to  find room in the budget for an office building. That’s why we are providing the virtual office solution to you with the required services to keep you fully operational year round.

Your mails will be received, sorted and stored securely, till you’re able to receive them. You have the option to pick it up at the physical office location or to have it forwarded on a scheduled basis.

All of these and more are available at an additional fee.

As a small business owner, start-up or entrepreneur, you may need an office for an important meeting, conduct interviews for prospective job candidates, or even meeting a new business investor.

Whatever you may need an office for, either hourly,  daily, weekly, monthly or yearly,  virtually or in-person, CIA will be there to help you every step of the way. Just contact us and we will  make your reservation. Then, instantly reserve your  office space by the week, day, or hour. You’re only charged for the services you use .

Contact Canadian Imperial Advantage to rent an office space !

Canadian Imperial Advantage meeting spaces are designed and equipped for your success. Whether you need a state-of-the-art conference room, board room, day office, spacious training room, or co-work spaces, CIA offers you the meeting space you need to succeed.

You have access to fully equipped meeting rooms, allowing you to meet partners, prospects and clients in an environment that is designed to project professionalism.

You can reserve a meeting space, conference room, or board room by our hourly or daily rate instantly 24/7.

Since 2019, we’ve been providing the best services and support for start-ups, entrepreneurs and executives across the business world.

Thinking of a place to conduct business look no further than Canadian Imperial Advantage.

At Canadian Imperial Advantage we offer business support services along with our virtual office space rental, co-working spaces, meeting rooms and conference rooms.

Equipment & Services

The following are services and equipment’s available when you use our facility.

  • Phone line
  • Printing
  • Photo copying
  • Mailing
  • Faxing
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Office supplies
  • We take the office stress off you so you can focus on your business, agenda, goals, guests, and partners. Whether you’re presenting training sessions, conducting interviews, hosting client meetings, or just trying to get work done, count on CIA’s reputation for professionalism.

Are you Ready?

Let Canadian Imperial Advantage take care of everything when you rent an office, conference room or meeting room with included business support services. Make a reservation online or contact our professional and capable team to help you find the perfect service to meet your business needs.

At Canadian Imperial Advantage , we provide the best business services to our clients all across the world. We offer  different professional meeting rooms that meet your needs when you’re meeting with prospective clients, partners and employees.

With our state of the art meeting rooms, you will have access to high-speed internet, presentation tools such as LCD projectors, smart boards, plasma screens, video conferencing, and many other tools and services to make your meeting stress free.

Take advantage of our amazing meeting room technology today.

At Canadian Imperial Advantage, we are able to  connect you with 1-on-1 Legal Services specific to your business needs.

Canadian Imperial Advantage is also happy to help you source for the best staff to meet your business needs at a discounted price.

Canadian Imperial Advantage is able to provide you with customized accounting services to meet your business needs. Be it for reconciling financial statements or tax preparation, we guarantee you the best accounting services at a discounted rate.

Virtual Office Fees From $30/month

+ One-time activation fee ($100)
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Or Interact payments to: payment@imperialadvantage.ca

Contact us at 1-587-689-5500

My business is expanding to a new location, the external funding you secured for us is responsible for this growth. You guys are a light in the small business community.


Your business advice was so simple and direct. My business is now moving in a new direction and customer base is expanding


Good news. I was able to get that property for my business. We would be opening our doors next month and you  would be duly notified when it happens .We welcome your visit soon.